Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 18th, 2013
In the summer of 2006, two bigfoot hunters led a group of curious, young paranormal investigators into the hills of southern New York on a quest for evidence of the legendary beast.
Often funny, sometimes creepy, but always entertaining, ‘The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching’ is a film that asks, what means more in the end: the destination or the journey; the evidence or the legend?
Watch the entire film documenting this here at Cryptomundo!
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Bigfoot Sing Song

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 18th, 2013
From Disney Junior
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When Western Bigfoot Casts Are Just Older Western Casts

Richard Feynman once proposed there's only one electron in the universe. Great minds think alike, as Loren Coleman expounds upon the fact there aren't that many unique sasquatch prints out there. Caveat emptor, sayeth the grand poobah of cryptozoology, for that print cast you're buying may be a copy of a copy of a copy and Loren gives tips for sussing out the skullduggery. Finding, or buying, footprints is one issue, yet no one has brought forth a viable specimen for study. Leave it to Nick Redfern to think outside of the box, considering the confusion from the confluence ofCreepy Creatures And Strange Sights. If you accept the challenge to find the strange in the midst of strange, Mark OC wants to share a story about The Thing In The Tree. Someone posted an encounter with Mothman's mentally challenged cousin hoping someone would investigate, except clues in the report suggest there are reasons to be skeptical. Can you spot them?

Bigfoot Suit Fiasco, #Adventure: Bigfoot Hunting, UFO Fires Laser in Space Fringe News #13

In tonight's news Rev. Jeff brings you video of the recreated Patty Bigfootsuit, #Adventure: Bigfoot Hunter, a UFO over a military ...
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