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The Walking Dead Finds Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 1st, 2013
Not sure what to think about this folks?
bigfoot walking dead
Still image from Bigfoot Evidence.
Zombies or Bigfoot?
What do the Cryptomundians think?
Watch the video here on Cryptomundo!
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Cine du Sasquatch Commentary

Posted by: Dave Coleman on May 1st, 2013
Yeti on a Train. ‘Horror Express’ (’72) spends the first half of its running time setting up and executing a tense, effective cryptid-on-the-loose aboard a train thriller.
Investigate Further: Cine du Sasquatch Commentary »
Gary Nolan clarifies his position on the Ata alien in an email statement to Loren Coleman stating definitively, "Every nucleotide so far is human" and "Concluding the specimen is alien or a hybrid would be a gross overstepping of the bounds." which makes us imagine that his conversations with Steven Greer must be very awkward since Greer is still insisting it's an alien. In other crypto news, a Northwest professor turns to drones in quest for Sasquatch. Jeff Meldrum delves into details of his current Falcon Project in which he hopes to launch a 50 foot unmanned craft over the Cascades carrying heat sensing equipment in an attempt to locate the ever-illusive Bigfoot.

When Nick Redfern refers to a case as "beyond weird" you know it's a doozy and that's exactly what this bizarre Bigfoot encounter is, as a couple is intercepted on a hiking trail by a telepathic Bigfoot. Redfern says that rather than file these beyond weird cases away, investigators should embrace them (the weird cases, not the telepathic Bigfoot) because it's always possible that they might hold key to solving the mystery. Redfern plunges into a whole book's worth of these sorts of cases with his latest:Monster Files, including a fresh look at the Flatwoods Monster: Creation of the US Sir Force, a case that pushes even the limits of "beyond bizarre".

Willow Creek Q&A - Bobcat Goldthwait - IFFBoston 2013

Following the World Premiere at IFFBoston of his latest film, WILLOW CREEK,
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