Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nothing to see here, folks, move along. A much clearer video shows that the Bigfoot in the background is simply some guy in a white shirt running across the field, which would explain why no one on the show reacted. In other completely implausible crypto news, here's a closer look at Animal Planet’s Mermaid Video. Ghost Theory wants to know why Animal Planet would release such a fake-looking video and proclaim it real evidence and it's pretty obvious they've answered their own question-Animal Planet released it because they knew people would fall for it. PT Barnum was right and savvy tv producers are cashing in on his business model even today.

Loren Coleman explains his "Stack of Pancakes" theory that includes layers of evidence that all adds up to a believable event, including the tangible evidence and also the extensive testing that has occured over the decades since the film's release. Meanwhile, proudly proclaims Bigfoot is a Washingtonian citing the fact that the big, hairy guy has been reported there over 500 times, while an Anti-bullying group raps 'Messin With Sasquatch' ads as promoting bullying...

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