Tuesday, May 07, 2013




Our best guess would be that the unsuspecting witnesses were being stalked by distant street or house lights but the map shows that there is nothing but trees in the immediate vicinity. Someone needs to volunteer to go back there and take more photos. After all, it's along a lonely stretch of country road with only a cemetary and dense woods, what could possibly go wrong in that scenario? And on the subject of Bigfoot and questionable evidence, Loren Coleman has read excerpts from Peter Byrne's new book, The Monster Trilogy Guidebook and finds it riddled with historical errors: Byrne’s New Book Muddles Yeti Chronology: A Critique.However, Byrne has been searching for his trilogy of cryptids--Bigfoot, Yeti and Loch Ness Monster--for the past 50 years so it's possible that the man has forgotten as much as some younger, less experienced researchers ever knew in the first place. Meanwhile, investigator Thom Powell suggests How the CIA can help us find Bigfoot if Bigfoot researchers employ the CIA's tactics of intelligence gathering, treating Bigfoot as an "unwilling, uncooperative subject".

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