Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big Hairy Deal Who Forted?
Did someone catch Bigfoot going barefoot through a sleepy western Pennsylvania burg, or did they spy evidence of big bear feet trundling through a forest? See for yourself and check with Dana Newkirk if she felt calling the fuzz was appropriate. From the new guard to the old guard, Loren continues his thesis on feetses of the sasquatchian kind noting theWallace Bigfoot Track Fakery Was Predicted In 1995 at UnConvention! By Loren himself. Reflexive pronouns aside, Coleman's cause for doubt along with his peers is the best way to undo the damage of hoaxers. Since everything squatchy boils down to Patty, Searcher reviews The Bigfoot Film Controversy. Many experts are cited in Roger Patterson and Christopher Murphy's book, posing pointed questions that debunkers are less likely to address.

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