Wednesday, May 08, 2013

From Eric Altman: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Phenomenon Book Permission

Good morning,
Once again, I'm back in book writing mode.  For the past several years, I've been trying to put together a book on Bigfoot in Pennsylvania.  I had planned on writing a book on strange creatures in PA, and had asked for submissions but that never panned out. I didn't receive nearly enough submissions to write a book, so I'm back to writing about the PA Bigfoot. 
The summary of the book is The Bigfoot Phenomenon in Pennsylvania.  Here are some chapters I'll be writing about:   Bigfoot 101; Pennsylvania Native American tales and lore; Pennsylvania historic newspaper articles; the investigators; The 73/74 flap, classic cases from the 80's and 90's, The Chestnut Ridge, The PBS, Pennsylvania evidence and the media perception, My personal journey into the phenomenon, Cases investigated by the PBS, summary.
These chapters are subject to change as the book progresses. If any of you have old reports, articles or material you would be willing to share,  you will receive full credit. I'm also asking permission to reference any material you may have or written in the book as well as permission to use your names in in the event that I include them while writing. If you decide you do not wish to grant permission to reference your material or the use of your name, please let me know.  I will change the name to protect your identity.  If you do not wish be included in the book at all, please let me know that as well, so I may avoid any material or usage of your name. 
Currently, I'm on my second chapter concerning Native American folk lore right now, and will be working on writing as time permits.  But before I can proceed, I need to get permission to use reference material, and permission of those who I will include in the book.   
I'd appreciate any help or assistance or support you'd be willing to offer.  Also if anyone has writing tips or would be able to help me with editing, working through the technical side of the process, I would certainly appreciate any and all assistance and you will be fully credited. 
I want to try to represent Pennsylvania and the Bigfoot phenomenon including those involved to the best of my ability, and your help and assistance in this project will help towards that goal.
Thanks for your time and consideration.


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