Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 New Messin' with Sasquatch Commercials Released

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Bigfoot Movie Screens in Dallas

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 14th, 2013
Cryptomundo will give away a pair of tickets to the screening to one lucky Cryptomundian to attend the screening in our party. This is only for two general admission tickets. You have to get yourself to Dallas and find a place to crash while here. But you will get to go to dinner with the Cryptomundo crew before the screening, hang with us at the screening, andpossibly get to meet Bobcat Goldtwait.
How do you win you ask? Submit your reasons why we should pick you to attend in the comments section. Get creative, submit a video, whatever.
We will pick the best response submitted by this Sunday night, May 19th, at midnight Central.
Loren Coleman rounds up several examples of mistaken identity and simply mistakes in Bigfoot casts and warns that the entire practice of Bigfoot casting is becoming muddled with carelessness...Strange Company brings us the unbearably sparse details of the legendary the Monster of Bruges, a strange skeletonized creature found walled up in the cellar that was neither man nor any other earthly creature that could be readily identified. While there's not much to go on, this mystery sounds so much like the opening sentences of a spooky novel that we'd stay up all night to read. Anyone else have any further information on this mystery? And finally, Karl Shuker investigates what's probably the world's cutest "monster" that was spotted mounted on a shield in England from the late 19th century: A Kintail kaybara? I don't think so.

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