Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2013- Review

Hello everyone,

For those of you that made it out to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2013 we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. For those who couldn't make it, you missed out on an epic event. We hope you can make the April 26th, 2014 version of this event. Here's a list of some of the Conference facts and statistics that may interest all of you-

1- Attendance... We had 392 people stuffed in the main room and an additional 92 people in the overflow room that featured live audio and video of the event. Total paid attendance was 484 which is absolutely awesome. Unfortunately, we had to turn away another 120 people wanting to buy tickets.

2- Walk through traffic- According to the Salt Fork State Park Lodge, we had around 1500 people that came to the Lodge to either attend the event, check out the event, buy from the Vendors, or just hang out. They were "blown away" by the sheer number of people that showed up for the event.

3- Lodge rooms and Cabins- As most of us know, we were way overbooked on Saturday night. We sold 113 rooms on Friday night, 151 on Saturday, and an additional 51 on Sunday night. The cabins were also sold out with 26 rentals between Friday and Sunday. We would have sold out the other 26 cabins if it wasn't for a Government Block that was being used on a Fracking study.

4- Friday's Advanced Hike- was attended by a total of 46 people and was very productive in terms of mapping out an area of high Sasquatch activity. 

5- Sunday's Ohio Bigfoot Festival- Over 250 people attended this family friendly event that featured Casting demonstrations by Thom Powell, Camera 
Surveillance& set-up by Bill Dranginis, Interviewing techniques by Sharon Lee, Chain Saw carving with Snuffy Destefano, and Packing for the field by Mark Maisel. This was followed up by a free cook-out lunch provide by John and Robin Cartwright of the United State Bigfoot Research Association and with additional assistance from Steve Slatzer of Gia Russo Foods. We would also like to thank everyone for donating a few bucks each to help our providers off-set there expenses.

6- Sunday's Family Friendly Hike- This was held at the Morgan's Knob trail within in minutes of the Lodge and was attended by  close to 75 people on a perfect sunny day.... Thanks for attending everyone.

7- Feedback- If you could do me a favor, please send us your comments, compliments, complaints and suggestions on what we could do to improve on the event as a whole.   This Conference is designed for your benefit and enjoyment. Your input is critical on the evolution of what I hope to call a great event. Thank you very much. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care! 


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

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