Saturday, April 06, 2013

Jane Goodall And Bigfoot Out of Darkness
Let's be honest to our 'squatcher friends, the Big "B" is mentioned in one sentence towards the end. The rest of Elsie Conner's essay honors the life, discovery, and works of Jane Goodall as lessons for all field cryptozoologists who are still searching. Across the pond, a Lorry Driver Sees 'Big Cat In Field Near Dorchester. Emma Walker notes this isn't Kevin's first sighting 'round Dorset. Included is a timeline of ABC sightings, along with the suggestion to have a camera handy. Why? To catch a panther on film while being eaten alive, of course!

Is Bigfoot Real? Jeff's Heated Debate

Jeff was joined by Bobo, Ranae, and Cliff, stars of the hit Animal Planet show '

Strange Creatures in America

Author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman discussed his mission to uncover
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