Monday, April 01, 2013

'Finding Bigfoot': Unproven Entity May Be Found Tonight, But Probably Not
There are skeptics and believers the world over who want to know: will we ever findBigfoot? Momo? Yeti? The abominable snowman? Yowie? The Himalayan beast? One gaggle of intrepid enthusiasts have made it their quest to get answers for 30 minutes ...
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Bigfoot Matilda SHOCKER: Erickson Project PHOTO LEAKED – Breaking NEWS (blog)
Get your hands off me you dirty ape. My LEGENDARY PAL Charleston Heston said that in the film classic Planet Of The Apes. I miss Heston very much. Herol and Chuck used to play Pinnacle and let me tell, you Hest was the best at it. Being the “Queen of ...
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