Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DVD Review-Letters From The Big Man

Truly Excellent Sasquatch Movie.

This movie stars Lily Rabe, daughter of late actress Jill Clayburgh, as Sarah, an artist and government hydroligist, who ventures into an area known as the Bluegrass watershed for a survey. Along the way, she feels like she is being followed, and indeed is-by a Sasquatch, which manages to remain unseen. As she continues her work, both painting and surveying, she begins having visions of this Sasquatch (Isaac C. Robertson) and she begins sketching it and eventually painting it. She falls in love with a fellow named Sean (Jason Butler Harner) aho also is drawn into the mystery and realizes that through Sarah's artwork that a Sasquatch is responsible for Sarah's visions. The creature also leaves little rock circles and stick structures, hence the title "Letters." Sean becomes interested in collecting a specimen for research into the infrasound aspect of the creature, but Sarah is determined to protect her new friend. Karen Black also has a cameo appearance as Sean's colleague. This movie is just absolutely a triumph and just exquisite in its imagery and transcedental beauty. There are certainly some aspects of the movie that I do not agree with, but that did not stop my enjoyment of this great movie. The suit used for the Sasquatch is the best suit I have ever seen for a movie. I highly recommend this movie, 10 out of 10!!!!!!

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