Monday, April 22, 2013

Deaths and Near Deaths in Bigfootery

Either the Skunk Ape is eager to get some free publicity or this is just a very human guy in a Ghillie suit. Again. Like the commenters, we want to know why there's only one photo. We would have taken as many as possible although the rest of them would be quite blurry as we backed away very quickly. We have a hard time buying this Bigfoot Caught On Camera In Tyler County, WV that shows a supposed Bigfoot standing next to a trail watching an ATV slowly drive past. Also, the driver claims he never noticed the creature standing there until after he reviewed the footage later. A couple of common sense questions here-why would a Bigfoot stand so close to a clearly marked trail especially a trail being used by extremely noisy vehicles? Why is the driver recording his ride in the first place? And why does "Bigfoot" look like an older man slightly stopped over resting for a minute during a hike?

Australian Col Bailey is absolute convinced he's encountered the supposedly extinct thylacine twice in his lifetime and he's on a never ending quest to find it again. He's written a book and has devoted his life not only to finding the creature again but also to protecting it from real extinction if it is still out there...Alien Big Cat sightings are far more common but just as hard to explain as the thylacine and Andrew May puts forth a more estoteric explanation for the existence of Big Black cats: Physical or Paranormal?

Big Foot the Quest

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Cutino thermal sasquatch continuous action clips This is a compilation of the best clips from Bart
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April 13th Part 1 Casting Prints

Some casting done on April 13th 2013 after lucking out with a snowfall and some
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