Monday, April 08, 2013

Cliff Barackman's DVD "Bigfoot Roadtrip" Debuts at HopsSquatch

We won't even speculate what on earth happened to these two, but it was definitely something far beyond the ordinary. They were found 500 feet from a road and could hear the sounds of traffic but were unable to find their way out of the wilderness for five days. While we think it most likely that that this incident was more of a "user-side error" than anything truly Fortean, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention a few remarkable similiarities to the cases featured in David Paulides and NA Bigfoot Search research on missing people in National parks: They both seemed to hallucinate and the girl, Kyndall Jack, was unable to recall even going hiking in the first place. She was found on the side of a sheer rock cliff clinging to rocks, severely dehydrated and disoriented. Both were inexplicably missing their shoes. A vast majority of cases Paulides has reported on center around people being found in impossible to reach spots, like the side of a cliff, on top of a mountain, in the middle of rivers and even in extremely deep underbrush. Most people are found with clothing and shoes missing, regardless of the weather and all who are found alive are severely disoriented and confused. Whatever happened to them will probably remain a mystery to us and maybe to themselves as well.
Peter Byrne has searched for Bigfoot for the past 50 years both out in the field and also in the publishing world, with an astonishing 13 books on the subject. And he's still going strong searching for proof of Bigfoot all throughout the Pacific Northwest, a hotbed for Sasquatch sightings. Also, don't miss this interesting profile on Europe's wild Men from National Geographic. Since ancient times, legends of "wild men" have pervaded the cultures of people all across Europe and much of the known world. Some of these cultures embraced the legend and made the wild man an active part of their belief systems. In places like Romania, Italy and Austria, spring festivals celebrate the wild man with elaborate costumes. The concept of a half man, half beast wild man is quite interesting and makes you wonder exactly where the idea originated from. Note: This online article only has one photo but there is a fantastic collection of them in this month's issue.

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