Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Review: The Sasquatch Triangle (2013 Limited Edition)

This book, originally written in 1987 and re-published in 2001 with revisions up to that year, is a true classic in the literature of Sasquatch, more particularly regional books. This is one of the first books that came out regarding sightings in the Buckeye State of Ohio, and describes the area known as the "Sasquatch Triangle," a region which encompasses parts of Coshocton, Tuscarawas and Guernsey County and has had several reports and was highlighted on an episode of Monsterquest. There are eyewitness interviews and reports, as well as illustrations and photos of Sasquatch evidence, circa 1987. Don officially announced his interest in and investigations into the subject in 1984, but it turns out he began interest in the subject as early as 1980 according to a newspaper article from that time. There are updated sections on the possible filming of a white bipedal individual in Coshocton County at the Woodbury Wildlife Preserve August 2, 1992, which Don was unaware of from that date to December 1993, 17 1/2 months afterward. There is an address to order the documentary based on that video at the end of the book (address no longer in existence). I really liked this book, a great and short booklet looking into sightings into a region that has gotten more press in recent years. a solid 10 out of 10.

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