Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: The Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research by Joedy Cook

Terrific book for novices starting Bigfoot research.

This book is really well-written and gives the novice Sasquatch researcher a true clinic in what is needed in the field. The author tells us what casting materials to use, how to cast a track (courtesy of the American Bigfoot Society), What to put in your backpack, what food items to carry for yourself and for the Sasquatch, the best places to go for a possible encounter, what equipment to take into the field, how to dress appropriately and what to look for as to signs of the Sasquatch's presence. The book also gives investigation techniques, names for Bigfoot-type creatures around the world and websites and forums to peruse for further information, including a certain blog of an organization that has been around since 1994. I do highly recommend this book, especially for the researchers just starting out, and there also tips even for the veteran researcher. I give this one a solid 9 3/4 out of 10.

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