Monday, March 11, 2013

You Can Help Finish a Bigfoot Movie

Loren Coleman revisits the London Trackway case a little over a year after the discovery and casting of the 122 unidentified prints, with charts, graphs and photos to support the case. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy examines one of the more...creative explanations for the existence of Nessie-is she connected somehow with UFOs? Is she really an Extraterrestrial Loch Ness Monster? Doubtful but quite a few people sure enjoyed indulging that particular theory a few decades ago.

BREAKING NEWS: "Giant Skull Found" Bigfoot, Dogman Skull? BigfootResearchUK

by BigfootResearchUK22 hours ago4 views
Giant skull Found Could it be from the famous bigfoot 03/10/2013 Could it Just be a cow skull?
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The Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery

by Sasquatch Watch Canada10 hours ago53 views
Grover Krantz, Peter Byrne ... Sasquatch Watcher ... sasquatch bigfoot yeti watch canada sasqautch ...
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