Sunday, March 03, 2013

Famous for naming the Montauk Monster, Loren Coleman wants to give credit where credit's due. Conventional history disregards the first responders who, correctly, dubbed the beast to be a raccoon. For a better view of Loren's point, check Sharon Hill's piece on the Freak Out Over Hairless Mystery Beasts which has some good material on other washed-up cryptids that served to generate advertising revenue until their mundane natures were revealed. As we approach the intersection of cryptozoology and the paranormal, Scott McMan has Updated Photos: Trail Cam Biped Actually Indian Spirit if Paul Coffey is to be believed. Fortunately Paul has an overlong video proving it's a Native American spirit thanks to the kitschy music playing in the background.

3.3.13: Finkle, Falling Frogs, Fuller, Forteana – and Bigfoot

Part 3 Bigfoot in Connecticut?

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Bigfoot in Connecticut? Continuing research from Billingsgate Archery on a possible Bigfoot - Sasquatch encounter in Connecticut.
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BIGFOOT is REAL evidence Cryptozoology Sasquatch Yeti PROOF

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