Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Loren Coleman reposts his most popular report from 2006 focused on a particularly odd cryptid primate encountered by a US Navy SEAL in the Congo several years ago. At the time, a video and more information was supposedly forthcoming but unfortunately nothing more ever surfaced from the source. This creature, nicknamed the Spiny-Backed Chimpanzee, looked exactly as you would imagine such an animal would--a primate with porcupine-like quills along its back. According to the eyewitness' story, a large group of 13 was spotted. Karl Shuker provides a bit more detail on this case of the The Spiny-Backed Chimpanzee – A Very Anomalous Anthropoid?Meanwhile, England is experiencing a re-surge in its cryptid of choice--big cats. This time investigators are trying to solve Tiers Cross big cat mysterythat was sighted by multiple witnesses and appears to be a lynx. The creature reportedly left behind a trail of dead animals in its wake. There's a predatory cryptid mystery on a much larger scale occuring in Honduras right now, as Inexplicata reports, with accounts of chupacabra sightings and 42 Mutilated Sheep in Comayagua .

Cliff Barackman Takes a 2×4 to the Jeff Probst Show Set

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 20th, 2013
Jeff Probst interviews the hosts of Finding Bigfoot. Watch a preview of the segment as Cliff Barackman takes a 2×4 to the set.

David Paulides, Dr. Ketchum, the Missing, and… Bigfoot?

Posted by: Regan Lee on March 20th, 2013
After listening to another intriguing and spooky interview with David Paulides (Coast to Coast, George Knapp host) last night, I found myself rethinking not only Dr. Ketchum’s work, but what Bigfoot might be, as well. (Concerning Bigfoot, revisiting the paranormal theory as the most likely.)

Picture of the Back of a Bigfoot?

by Sasquatch Watch Canada23 hours ago121 views
Supposedly this picture was taken in Georgia, and doesn't look like a suit to me! It
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  1. Rock Apes - Vietnam's Bigfoot

    by Sasquatch Watch Canada21 hours ago19 views
    American soldiers used the term "Rock Apes" during the '60's and'70's Vietnam
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  2. Bigfoot and Strange Disappearances

    by Sasquatch Watch Canada1 day ago19 views
    David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist and Bigfoot
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Oregon's Bigfoot

by CMBigfoot5 hours ago1 view
Bigfoot researchers search for bigfoot in Oregon.
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