Thursday, March 14, 2013

We aren't sure who bestowed this honor upon this particular area of Texas near Sam Houston National Forest, but we will take their word for it. After all, everything is bigger in Texas so if they want to call themselves the Bigfootiest location in the world so be it. Perhaps our favorite baseball player Bigfoot hunter Dustin Pedroia would have better luck in Texas as hecontinues his search for Bigfoot. Unlike even some actual Bigfoot hunters we've heard of, Pedroia really knows his stuff and has an intense personal interest in discovering the truth behind the legend simply to satisfy his own curiosity. He just so happens to be a professional baseball player too.
Doubtful News explains in-depth what it means to be a skeptic and how and why they reach their conclusions. It also explains that to be a skeptic does not make one a cynic or a nonbeliever, which we think is the most important point. We have found ourselves arguing that same point many, many times. Well done, Doubtful News!

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