Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now here's something refreshing--a Bigfoot witness who has evidence and hasn't rushed to the media with it...or written a 30 page paper on it. This lady owns a clump of hair that she is absolutely convinced came from a literal run-in with a Bigfoot back in the 1960s when her parents' camper hit one as it crossed a road. She says she is coming forward now after 45 years because she wants to know for sure after hearing increasing talk about Bigfoot. It's quiet, "kept in the family" sorts of stories like these where the truth behind Bigfoot (and other Fortean mysteries) truly lies...the truth is definitely missing from this bit of evidence featuring thelatest guy in a suit photo that supposedly shows a Bigfoot striding away from the cameraman. It only takes about 5 seconds to deduce this is a fake, and that's allowing for 2 seconds for the image to load. C'mon hoaxers, it's like you're not even trying anymore!

Sasquatch Pop Culture Commentary

Posted by: Dave Coleman on March 21st, 2013
Author of The Bigfoot Filmography offers insight on the The Savage Sasquatch from David Prior’s Alabama-lensed feature ‘Night Claws’ (2012).
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Monsters and Mysteries in America Premieres Sunday, March 24

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2013
The dark hallows and dense forests of Appalachia harbor strange mysteries. Local residents will recount their encounters with the terrifying Sheepsquatch, the dark winged-creature, Mothman, and aliens from space.

No Splitting Hairs With Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2013
Oregon woman … has been holding on to this hair and skin for nearly 45 years. “Of course I’ve kept it,” Klopp told KPIC News. “I wouldn’t give it up for anything.”
Watch the news video here at Cryptomundo.
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“Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2013
Vermont wardens have confirmed the capture of a large, unidentified “Bigfoot-like” animal at Okemo Mountain Resort today. Details are still coming in, but Ride Vermont has obtained footage…

truTV: Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot Will be Found Soon

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 20th, 2013
truTV claims they know why Bigfoot will be found soon and they have the top 5 reasons to back it up. Read the list and decide if you agree.

truTV: Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot Will Be Found Soon

Sasquatch Bigfoot Tracks Dec 2012

by Ontario Sasquatch20 hours ago1 view
This is a copyrighted video.
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Amazing Bigfoot Pictures not 1 but 2!

by Jeffrey Kelley13 hours ago5 views
MaxxOut Youtube videos try too fool us not once but twice... Rev. Jeff takes a look
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