Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper And Padma Lakshmi See Bigfoot! Incredible Footage HERE!!
If you were to guess the last two people on Earth who would have a bigfoot sighting, who would they be? Anderson Cooper and Padma Laksmi! LOLz! But guess what? IT HAPPENED! Padma was co-hosting with Anderson at the time when it went down, and ...
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Bigfoot believers gather in Fort Worth, say more research is needed
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Mayes was one of more than 400 people Saturday to attend the 2013 Texas Bigfoot Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center to swap experiences and absorb presentations concerning the existence of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, which is ...
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Anderson Cooper terrified of a hairy monster who isn't Kathy Griffin
Bigfoot. The staff on his daytime talk show pranked Coop yesterday while he and guest host Padma Lakshmi discussed the Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot," sending a guy dressed as a yeti onto the stage to spook them. After the initial terror, Cooper ...
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Anderson Cooper Bigfoot: Cooper gets a scare from Bigfoot on live TV
An Anderson Cooper Bigfoot scare recently occurred on live TV. The news host was shocked as something resembling the mysterious monster crept up behind him and his guest to scare the living daylights out of the daytime talk show host. According to a ...
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