Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Man Who Cried Bigfoot: An Investigation of the Rick Dyer Claim

by J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.20 hours ago51 views
first investigation of Rick Dyer's claim that he shot a Sasquatch in San Antonio Texas. I actually went to the location and ...
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Oregon Bigfoot News Report

by CMBigfoot2 hours ago1 view
" "bigfoot researcher" "oregon sasquatch news report" "oregon sasquatch" "sasquatch news report" "best bigfoot sighting" " ...
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Not Finding Bigfoot The Vicar's Lamp
Vicar Lee lists his reasons we can't seem to find Bigfoot, despite all the evidence Bigfoot has left behind from footprints to hair. These days it's far more likely to capture a cameraman for a Bigfoot hunter show than it is to find even a trace of Bigfoot. It seems the most likely reason is that Bigfoot doesn't want to be found and is actually a bit smarter than we are on a primal level. They've survived for thousands of years living a very primitive life in deeply wooded remote locations with an instinctive ability to be spookily elusive while we puny humans shed all our body hair, left the wilderness, and created a modern way of life in which sometimes our biggest challenge is finding the remote under the couch cushions...Nick Redfern recounts the creepy details of a sheep mutilation event in the UK that may have been part of a ritual conducted by the Cult of the Moon beast. The "Beast" in question is supposedly a shape-shifting cryptid that has an insatiable taste for blood...compared to a Moon beast, Nessie is downright cuddly and she's being celebrated on the occasion of her 80th anniversary at an International conference later this spring.

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