Friday, February 08, 2013

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Does Rick Dyer really have a Bigfoot body?! Is Musky Allen now a Hoaxer??

by Johnny Bigfoot21 hours ago9 views
I discuss all the hoopla surrounding Musky going to see Rick's deadBigfoot.

Bigfoot Body Discussion

by BigfootChicks12 hours ago
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Bigfoot in Arizona The Howler

by Shawn D13 hours agoNo views
Bigfoot in Arizona The Howler Arizona Rez Police act on a call of howling & screams coming in the dead of night. NO COPYRIGHT ...
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Cryptomundo Night at the Museum with Nick Redfern: The "Man-Monkey" - A British Bigfoot

by PhilosoPhenomena17 hours agoNo views
Cryptomundo goes to the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas Nick Redfern gives a presentation on his book, The "Man-Monkey ...
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