Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Updated Information on the Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Yes it's me again. Sorry to bothersome lately but things are starting to get a little hasty here so we feel it's our job to make sure your informed before the general public. 

A few updates and will be done...:-)

1- We had the Salt Fork Lodge move whatever public rooms they still had available on Saturday night April 13th over to our room block since our block sold out today. We now have 19 additional rooms available for Saturday night. The LAST 19 rooms at the Lodge period... Friday and Sunday have plenty of rooms tstay another night, make it a three day vacation, etc... To get the rooms please go through the direct number 740-435-9000 and enter "0" to be connected to the operator. 

2- A BIG thanks and congratulations to all of you. The Lodge said this the 2nd biggest Bigfoot event in terms of room bookings as of right now. The only event that is still bigger was (you guessed it) when Bob Gimlin was here in 2010. Unfortunately, we probably won't and can't break the record due to a government survey taking place in Ohio that has booked up over 65of all the cabins at the park from late March to late May. We do have a chance though....stay another night if you can. The Sunday night $39 room rate is pretty sweet..

3- Last but not least. The "Rock Star" possible additional speaker. Still nothing confirmed with an airline ticket. This is going down to the wire so cross your fingers. If it happens, it would be special beyond belief. Advanced ticket sales have crested 270. Two months to go....standing room only...your lucky to have a seat...

Thanks again for putting up with me. Take care!


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

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