Monday, February 11, 2013

New Further Updated Information on the Upcoming Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hello everyone, 
Were just a few months away from the largest Bigfoot Conference of its kind on the weekend of April 13th at beautiful Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference Center. We have some very important updates for
you that I won't release to our Facebook page or Web site until Thursday evening. The updates go as followed-

1- VIP tickets have been sold out for a long time now.

2- General admission tickets are flying out the door and a fast pace. As of right now, we only have around 75 (make that 72 as I'm writing this) General admission tickets available for advanced purchase. We have capped the total of VIP and general admission tickets at 290

3- There will be a lot of 100 tickets available to purchase at the door the day of event. Tickets go on sale at 12 noon in the Vendors display area. 

4- ********Lodge rooms********* As of today, we have only 23 lodge rooms available at our$75.00 room rate on Saturday night. Friday obviously has more $75.00 rooms available as well as Sunday night's $39.00 room rate. We would highly recommend that you book your room now even if your not sure. Ask the Lodge about there cancellation policy. To book now, call
740-435-9000 and enter "0" to be connected to the operator. 

5- All cabins are sold out.

6- If your planning on attending any of our activities on Friday and Sunday, go to and fill out the form and click submit so we may have an accurate head count.

7- Lastly, we just want to say how proud we are of all of you. The support you all provide for our beloved event is unbelievable. Your passion toward the Bigfoot phenomenon has exceeded our expectations. We promise to give you a fun filled, high quality, family friendly, and professionally run Bigfoot Conference.

8- Last but not least....there "could" be an additional speaker of "Rock Star" status. If so, you'll be doing back flips, 
parowets, cartwheels, etc..... This individual reached out to us. The only thing were working on is logistics. Cross your fingers there's no guarantees until an airline ticket is booked. I will tell all of you when the time comes and if things don't work out logistically, I will let everyone know at the Conference. 

Take care everyone and get your rooms booked ASAP!!


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

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