Friday, February 22, 2013

The real fake Minnesota Ice Man has been sold on eBay for we assume the asking price of $20,000. Forteana gives us a nice bit of background on this infamous piece of cryptozoology history that thrilled freakshow audiences in the 1960s but the mystery remains-was there ever a real Minnesota Ice Man? If so, what was he? And just where is he now? We'd like to see thatsurface on eBay...finally, something new to talk about other than Bigfoot DNA--here's a photo of a Bigfoot Witnessed in Texas near the Neches river. As usual, Bigfoot has assumed his blobsquatch disguise but this time he's brought along a friend, a second Bigfoot. So, there are two distinct odd figures in this photo and the witness tells a convincing story too, so we find ourselves just a bit more impressed than we usually are over blobsquatch photos. It's another busy week in Bigfoot-centric news and this story is bound to make a few headlines over the weekend as a Red Sox Player Calls Out Finding Bigfoot. Apparently a (now disillusioned) fan of the show, Dustin Pedroia tweeted, "Getting frustrated with finding bigfoot show. Mix in some evidence please. Uncle on town hall meetings and squatchy areas." We couldn't have said it better, Mr. Pedroia! And finally, io9 tackles a curious subject in the Bigfoot department--The Science Of Yeti Footprints, and tries to educate us all on how easy it is to mistake partly melted animal tracks for Yeti tracks. While they raise a good point and it has happened, there is enough evidence along with the Yeti footprints to draw the conclusion that not all footprints in the snow can be explained with this theory.

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