Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melba Ketchum Coast to Coast AM Interview


Loren Coleman is unmoved from his original position regarding the Ketchum DNA study, which is "No data, no discovery" meaning he is less than impressed with the results. He also brings up an interesting point-that Ketchum references a significant event in the timeline of the Bigfoot species approximately 13,000 years ago which aligns with several events in history including the appearance of Homo floresiensis (hobbit) and the giant asteroid theory too. Coleman's also compiled a handy list of articles discussing both sides of the DNA debate...meanwhile, down in Chile aChupacabras Startles Suburban Couple during a backyard cookout. The mysterious red-eyed creature crouched in a tree and threw cherries at the couple until they sprayed it with a garden hose and it leaped over a fence and disappeared. Inexplicata calls the chupacabra a "spontaneous aggressive intruder" which we find pretty accurate for a creature that enjoys startling innocent families in their own backyards. In other startling news, this non-story gave us a chuckle as a New Jersey Alien Sea Monster goes viral. The Redditor who posted it says the photo was taken "somewhere in New Jersey", obviously neglecting to add "and then put into Photoshop". The faked photo itself is unimpressive but the speed at which it has gone viral with very little effort is. We expect it to make the rounds of the morning shows in about a week...

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