Monday, February 04, 2013

An enterprising San Antonio, Texas, K-9 trainer has trained his dogs to track "primate" scents in order to track Bigfoot and at the same time he's landed himself a guest spot on "Finding Bigfoot" by tracking down the producers (presumably without the dogs) and convincing them his work was show worthy. Ever on the search for new Nessie evidence, Glasgow Boy gives us a look at something long-forgotten: An Interesting Nessie Photograph from 1992 . Judging from the close up image, it looks as if being long forgotten might not have been a bad idea.

White Yetis Grace The Super Bowl and Fortean Times

Bloopers: It's Hard to Say Goodbye | Finding Bigfoot

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For full episodes of Finding Bigfoot, visit The FindingBigfoot team discusses the best and worst aspects of ...
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The US government knows Bigfoot is Real!

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Is the government really keeping Bigfoot a secret?
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