Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ketchum Tells Smeja To Taint His Bigfoot Samples!

Video hoaxes are edging out meteors as top news stories. This time a college professor goaded his students into producing hoaxes, contributing noise to the dicey signal cultivated over past decades. Our pal Loren Coleman looks askance upon the practice, and wants your input. Same goes for rumors of a Bigfoot On The Navajo Nation Shot. More hype for Navajo Cops or another blip on the CZ radar? Chime in over at Twitter or ourFacebook page. Whatever their motives, those students aren't up for The Dinsdale Prize awarded to people investigating the unorthodox rather than defrauding forteans. Funny thing that Loren found is most cryptozoologists haven't received it despite being named for a Nessie hunter. Though Dinsdale is gone, his legacy continues and many more strive to fill his shoes with serious investigations into the denizens of Loch Ness. Glasgow Boy is tickled to introduce Jamie Stoker's Loch Ness and may be a contender for the 2014 Dinsdale prize.

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