Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When will it end? Even more evidence that Ketchum's DNA study is pure bunk. This time a geneticist has taken a look at the DNA and says that it consists of a "combination of human chromosome 11, cat, dog and panda bear, amongst other things, and is the result of contamination/mixing and poor technique." The biggest mystery here is how did panda bear DNA get into the mix? And now, Dr Melba Ketchum Addresses Hoax References, Damage Control on Full Alert by mashing a bunch of random words together into sentences and posting it. That's the impression we're getting from her official statement regarding the evidence showing she referenced faked April Fools day prank Bigfoot studies. Why doesn't she just let her "publicist" Moonbeam Greengrass, or whatever her name is, handle this debacle? Or is she too busy filming more "breathing shag carpet," aka sleeping Bigfoot footage in the woods?
Or at least something pretty bizarre and utterly creepy is prowling the countryside in Puerto Rico killing goats and chickens and draining their blood. A few witnesses described the creature as a "gargoyle"...a much gentler and more passive monster is making headlines again, this time as the Loch Ness Monster hunt continues 80 years on and from what we've read and seen, Nessie could have no finer representative than naturalist Adrian Shrine who looks as though he just stepped out of the 19th century in pursuit of the Loch Ness monster...Is there truth to the legends of giants roaming the earth thousands of years ago? Many cultures have giant stories tied into their heritage, including some Native American tribes. Loren Coleman thinks it's a very real possibility that a new movie is Based On A True Story: Jack the Giant Slayer, the original fairy tale drawing inspiration from some of those ancient legends.

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