Monday, February 18, 2013

Eric Altman's report on the Cabela's event from this past weekend

A special thank you to everyone who attended the Strange Rare and Unusual sightings weekend. Thank you Cabela's, Bud Norte, David David P DragosinBilly Willard and Jeanean McBride Willard, Stan Gordon, Dr. Don Jeffrey Meldrum for the wonderful job this weekend hosting and presenting. So many compliments and positive feedback. To my extended family (you know who you are), old friends and new, It was great to see everyone this weekend. Thank you for supporting this event. Last count from Bud, over 130 for Sunday nights meet and greet, over 500 for Saturdays event , and over 150 for todays event. That was coming and going and those who stayed. A pretty successful event if I do say so! Now, my feet hurt, I'm dead dog tired and gonna eat my pizza and go to bed!

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