Monday, February 11, 2013

Enjoy Valentine’s Day At International Cryptozoology Museum

An intriguing set of footprints sets the "Finding Bigfoot" Scooby Gang on the trail of a "tightrope" walking giant biped but as usual, their search turns up empty-footed, err...handed. Another set of footprints is causing a stir in Florida as 17 inch long footprints turn up and a local reporter asks,Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Florida's Walton County? Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy shares a sighting that was posted in Cryptomundo's comment section that describes A Sighting from 1964 of something huge in the Loch that the witness suspects may have been a giant turtle, and Linda Godfrey muses on the prolificness of Nick Redfern as he muses on Where The Wildmen Are in his new book.

Badlands Bigfoot

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The team meets with witnesses from the Lakota Sioux, who claim bigfoots roam the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. After zeroing ...
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Jeff Meldrum Discusses The Falcon Project With George Noory

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a completely new and innovative approach to Sasquatch/Bigfoot research. No other organizations have attempted this type ...
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FB hangout

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... Bigfoot Chicks ... #hangoutsonair "Hangouts On Air" #hoa ...
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