Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bigfoot Evidence is calling this the "Holy Grail" moment as Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA paper has apparently been accepted and published in a scientific journal. Finally. But we skeptics aren't dishing up our big bowls of crow soup just yet...Denovo, the scientific journal that has published her study has no previous publications and the website for the journal did not exist before last week. It would appear that Ketchum, after being turned down by other well-known journals, has self-published. However, the truth is that Ketchum now has a cadre of real, live and verifiable scientists associated with her now who have reviewed this paper and put their names on the journal in which it's been published. And from what we've read of her paper, it does seem to indicate irrefutably that an unknown hominid does exist that is a hybrid of human and something else entirely. We would love nothing better than this to be true without a shadow of a doubt, and we will be happy to be proven wrong and eat crow for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack but right now we are just waiting for all the smoke to clear to sort out what's what.

Dr. Ketchum’s “Novel North American Hominins” (Sasquatch DNA) Paper Published

‪The Bigfoot Report - Bigfoot News #15 - Melba Ketchum finally releases long awaited DNA Study

by thebigfootreport7 hours ago689 views • ‪http (all things Tazer) • Melba Ketchum announces that she has proven the Bigfoot species through her ...
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The Legend of Bigfoot

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Official Website: Facebook Bigfoot is sited near a ski resort, and a local business man wants ...
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What If The Roger Patterson Bigfoot Film Is Fake?

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I Go Though Backup if The Roger Patterson Footage Is Fake, One Of The Most Famous Bigfoot films of all time.
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Skookum Cast - The Yamarone Brothers

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, Amanda, Nicole and Terry! ... Bigfoot Songs 04 ... "Bigfoot (Film Subject)" yamarone bobo "skookum cast" ...

Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day) - The Yamarone Brothers

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"Yamarone" - lead heckler! This song has never been rocked so hard! ...Bigfoot Songs 04 ... "Bigfoot (Film Subject)" ...
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