Monday, February 25, 2013

Bobcat Goldwait's Completes His Faith, Religion, Bigfoot Movie

Doubtful News has uncovered some news worthy of its name as they discover hoax papers referenced in Melba Ketchum's DNA paper. She cites more than one fictitious paper within her work, including one that is clearly an April Fool's Day joke. We cannot fathom her motive at this point. As Doubtless News points out, as a veterinarian she most definitely should have spotted the fake results and she clearly did not do much research. So was it intentional? If so, why? She had to have known that many people, believers and skeptics alike would dissect her work line by line looking the slightest discrepency. To knowingly cite fake studies in her work is beyond the pale and her credibility is utterly destroyed at this point. Has Melba Ketchum just pulled off one of the biggest long cons ever?

Lucky for us Forteans, residents of the town near the Neches River apparently have a lot of free time and are chosing to spend that time hunting Bigfoot, after a man snapped a photo of what reportedly shows two Bigfoot tossing rocks into the Neches. Since then, other people have seen and heard odd things in the area and hopefully, the unexpected attention of many will scare up some real evidence. ..on the subject of evidence, a recent string of livestock mutilations is leaving plenty of gruesome evidence behind in the form of creepy creature sightings, neatly beheaded pigs and injured horses in Puerto Rico as Puerto Rico: Guayama Animal Slaughter Pinned on Strange Creature. Meanwhile, Karl Shuker delves into the mystery of the The Tailed Slow Lorises of Assam's Lushai Hills-An Enduring Primatological Mystery.

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