Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bigfootology12:46am Feb 20

Bad news: I received an email from Dr. Bryan Sykes just now telling me that his travel agent was not able to change the flight itinerary after all which means that Dr. Bryan Sykes will not make it to the March 9th, Western Bigfoot Society meeting and he expresses his sincerest apologies. I will not be attending either because I was only going to be the host of Dr. Bryan Sykes in Portland. It is a sad turn of events. 

Good news: I have also received an email from Dr. Anna Nekaris stating that she is formulating a formal response and analysis of the Melba Ketchum DNA project and will do so soon and when that happens I will publish it. As well Dr. Bryan Sykes also is doing the same. When I get those professional evaluations from both Dr. Sykes and Dr. Nekaris we will be posting them at 

The Western Bigfoot Society meeting on March 9th is still happening, but it will be with only the original speaker.

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