Friday, January 04, 2013

Newly Updated Information on the 25th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and give you the latest information on the April 13th, 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference at the Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center.

We have a new speaker committed...the one and only Mr. Loren, researcher, museum curator, cryptozoologist, etc.... from Portland, Maine.

As of now, our lineup consists of Dr. Esteban Sarmiento, Thom Powell, Loren Coleman, and BFRO curators Dr. Russ Jones (WV) & Mark Maisel (OH). 

There could be a very special bonus speaker that were waiting an answer from.
 I will keep you all posted.

A few things I need you to do-

1- Book your rooms at the Salt Fork Lodge. Rates are good Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Lodge rooms are $75 per night, cabins are $95. If you stay through til Monday, you can get your room or cabin for an additional $39 per night. 
They can be contacted at 740-435-9000 and enter 0 to be connected to an operator.

2- Get your VIP tickets now!!! There $35.00 each and can be purchased via paypal or snail mail. 
Already 50% of them have been purchased in just a few weeks time. This way you'll have- 
  • Reserved seating in the center section in the first 10 rows.
  • Special VIP activities, like the popular eat and greet with the speakers and other special guests.
  • Exclusive, timely updates on conference news and preferential registration consideration for conference related events.
  • A digital copy of the speaker's presentations.
  • Entry in the VIP door prize drawing.
  • Your own check-in line, faster and less crowded.
  • Other surprises.
3- Spread the word. It's because of all of you that this event has become the largest Bigfoot gathering in the entire countryIf you haven't checked out the Facebook page, please do and share the link with everyone you know.

Before you know it, the Conference will be here. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you very much...stay warm!!!

Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

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