Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Pacific northwest is known for bigfoot sightings, but things don't get any more remote, more north, or more west than the Last Frontier of Alaska. A family has spoken with K.J. Lincoln about their encounter with the beast last spring. Don't pass this one up, as anonymity plus reluctance to report hints at a germ of truth. While Rick Steigmeyer notes Washington State is 5th in cat ownership, the Evergreen State remains number one in sasquatch sightings. The account of Paul Graves is compelling, considering the number of tracks found after his run-in, reminding us that Sasquatch Is In Our Midst. Let's not forget that other continents harbor their own monsters, none stranger than Andrew Nicholson's Weird Australia. The menagerie down under includes The Yahoo, Gubri Man, Hoori Woman, And Rock Dog stalking the Blue Mountains. From tales of Aboriginal Australians to accounts of white men, Andrew covers interspecies marriage and weird versions of nuclear families.

Umatilla Indian Reservation Bigfoot Howls?

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