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James Bobo Fay Interview 1-26-2013
Star of Finding Bigfoot James Bobo Fay called in to the Mantz & Mitchell show on 1-26-2013. http://1...

Know someone with an abiding interest in monsters and unexpected critters? Look no further than Karl Shuker's exhaustive library to get someone started on the track of unknown animals. When you get to Section III, Mystery Cats And Other Mammalian Mystery Carnivores, scroll down to find David Waldron and Simon Townsend's Snarls From The Tea Treewhich Malcolm Smith reviews. Despite a handful of quibbles, Malcolm has found a diamond in the rough. Of course there are people pursuing valuable field work. Snejana Farberov covers the mystery of bloodcurdling sounds heard on an Oregonian Indian reservation. Listen for yourself and see if these are the cries of lovelorn cougars or foxes. Or Is It Bigfoot?

Umatilla Indian Reservation Bigfoot Howls?

Bigfoot in Oregon? New Sasquatch "Sightings," Rumors Emerge

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People living near the Umatilla Indian Reservation have reported that they have been woken up by strange sounds coming from ...


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Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Radio LINK ... tcsjrbigfoot ...tcsjrbigfoot bigfoot research evidence sasquatch ...
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