Sunday, January 06, 2013

Long ago, Dr Geoffrey Orbell accepted a challenge when his mum said this bird was "supposed to be extinct". RR shares this rollicking tale of adventure emphasizing the importance of knowing where to look, rather than giving up and saying something's extinct. There's a similar story from down under, according to Tia Ghose. An Odd Mammal Thought Long Extinct In Australia May Still Live in Australia. The long-beaked echidna is known to roam New Guinea, yet the discovery of a specimen from 1901 with contemporary accounts from aborigines are putting biologists on the track of this critter. Another man collecting evidence on strange beasts is Robert Bartholomew. His book, The Untold Story of Champ, has been a topic of discussion by veering away from monsterology and examining the unexpected but explainable aspects of Lake Champlain's monster. Andrew Roiter's just finished reading his copy of the book, covering The Hunt, The Creature, And The Controversy.

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