Monday, January 21, 2013

Something is causing quite a commotion on the Umatilla Reservations in Oregon lately and lucky for us, there's audio. We've listened and after the hair on our arms stood up and the back of our necks prickled, we went searching for examples of the "official" explanation given in the article. For comparison, here are samples of Fox vocalizations and here's a recording of cougar/mountain lion screams. What's captured on this Oregon audio does not sound similar in any way whatsoever and really reminds of us of other supposed Bigfoot vocalizations rather than that of a known animal. The audio presented with the article is just one example and witnesses say there are all sorts of strange sounds echoing down the mountains, and as one witness describes it,"It was no noise I've ever heard before... like barroom brawls and laughter."
Loren Coleman gives his official opinion on the Ketchum DNA study and not surprisingly, he is unimpressed. Quite simply, he says "My standard is: No data, no discovery" and as far as he's concerned, Ketchum has produced neither. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Australia, Andrew Nicholson of Weird Australia introduces us to even more variations of the Yowie or Bigfoot (or at least his close cousins) that roam the Outback--The Yahoo, Gubri Man, Hoori Woman & Rock Dog. And shifting gears from land to water, Glasgow Boy offers up a Review of a Recent Nessie Articlefrom Live Science and finds it lacking and a bit misinformed in several ways.

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