Friday, January 25, 2013

'Finding Bigfoot' meeting filled to capacity
If you haven't received an e-mail from the “Finding Bigfoot” television show by now confirming your presence at the show's town hall meeting, you won't be attending. The town hall meeting on Saturday night is filled to capacity, the show's producers ...
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Animal Planet to Investigate Bigfoot Claims in Arkansas
It's unknown exactly how many sightings of Bigfoot there have been in Fouke over the years, especially because many are afraid to share their stories. Mayor Purvis hopes they'll come forward because they may have some new information that could be ...
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Canal Man a.k.a. Bigfoot in our own backyard?
Canton Repository (blog)
One of the first questions that are always asked when the topic of Bigfoot comes up is, “How come no one has ever found its bones, hair or anything else”? Your first reaction is to agree which could serve to reinforce any doubts that you had in the big ...
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