Thursday, October 18, 2012

Justin Smeja Will Be At The Bigfoot Discovery Day V This Weekend




 Watch Founder of Falcon Project Talk About Bigfoot Encounter On Local News




 For Some Reason, I Believe This Man's Bigfoot Story




 New Footage: Bigfoot Caught on Tape Ouachita National Forest




 I want a baby bear



 Celebrate 45th Anniversary of Patter/Gimlin Bigfoot Film




 Bigfoot Research Gets Lift from Stealth Airship Yahoo News

Big news from the world of Bigfoot investigation--the "Falon Project" helmed by none other than Jeff Meldrum himself will begin searching for Sasquatch in his natural habitat via stealth aircraft. This method is unprecedented and may end the Bigfoot debate once and for all with hi-def thermal imaging that will not disturb the subject in any way. It seems it would be very difficult for Bigfoot to completely evade that sort of detection.


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