Friday, October 12, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot" Coming To Waterbury
Waterbury Observer
Natalie Hewson, the producer for Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot", has confirmed with the Waterbury Observer that the production crew will be in Waterbury next weekend, October 20 and 21, to film an episode. If you are interested in attending a "Town ...
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Yes-yes-yes, precious, we can't wait for "The Hobbit"




 M.K. Davis: Audio Analysis of Bigfoot Saying "Enoch Ya"




 Giant blue eyeball washes up on Florida beach [Video]




 This Footage Is Either Bigfoot or Usain Bolt In A Gorilla Suit




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 Watch: Gorilla charges man. Man thinks he's Ironman




 This 5 Month Old Footage From Pine Ridge Reservation Desperately Needs A Breakdown




 Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot" Town Hall Meeting In Connecticut, October 20-21




 Giant Eyeball Found On Pompano Beach, Florida (PHOTOS) Huffington Post

Now here's a true Fortean mystery to round out the week--a giant eyeball washed up on the beach in Florida and no one can determine what it's from or how it found its way to the beach, totally intact. We await giant eyeball experts chiming in with their thoughts as this is the moment they've waited for their entire lives.
If it were this easy to locate Bigfoot, we'd all have a photo of ourselves posing with him and possibly getting his autograph. We also think this article left out a few key methods of attracting Bigfoot, namely stumbling through the dark woods, knocking on trees and yelling "Yo, Bigfoot!" TV crews are a big attraction too but you have to remember to make sure Bigfoot gets his acting credit if he's got a speaking role. If all else fails, assure him you've got a nice, new blurriness filter on your camera and offer him pancakes...Glasgow Boy gives us the details behind the BBC's latest probe into The Murky Allure Of The Loch Ness Monster in honor of the 25th anniversary of Operation Deepscan.

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