Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Finding Bigfoot 12-23-12

This episode took us to New Mexico, where there have been several sightings and even a possible thermal video taken by a BFRO member of a 'Squatch. Bobo stood in for the 'Squatch, and that video was compared to the thermal image, and somehow on TV they showed the original footage side by side with...the original footage!!! (Obviously a mistake on the part of the producers). But the team members (except for Ranae) believe it may have been a 'Squatch on the thermal. I myself am not so sure. In their first night operations, they conduct calling exercises, and Matt gets some kind of a response which he tries to pick up on a parabolic mic, but Bobo over the radio talks at an inopportune time and Matt tells him to shut up, angry because he missed the response from whatever it was. Then, they leave Bobo out there to conduct a solo investigation. Meanwhile, the rest of the team conducts a town hall meeting, getting three good stories, including one of what may be twin 'Squatches witnessed by a motorist. One individual claimed to see a 'Squatch with no face(!) but that report fortunately was not investigated. Two other reports, one with a lady who seemed to be traumatized by her experience and another where a couple was rocked in their vehicle by a possible 'Squatch (that report was explained away by Ranae as the couple feeding off their fears). Ranae was stumped by the lady's sighting, however. The latter two reports seemed to correspond to the thermal image of what appears to be an individual which stood about 7'0-7'3" tall. One more night operation reveals-well, I won't spoil it. This episode was fair to good, not great, about a 5 1/2 out of 10. Next week is a two-hour special which takes the team overseas for the first time to Australia to investigate the Yowie, beginning at 9:00 Eastern/8:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

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