Monday, December 24, 2012

New Information on the 25th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hello fellow Bigfooter friends,

Here is your "advance" VIP announcement on the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2013 at Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference Center. We greatly appreciate all of last years VIP's....your support has been greatly appreciated.

The official date is Saturday, April 13th from 2 PM until 8 PM. To register in advance go to ASAP to avoid being left out. 

Please remember this years event is back at the Salt Fork lodge (our room rate is awesome and ready to book now). The VIP seats will be the center section and capped at 80 seats
Last years VIP seats sold out in two weeks. Please check out the benefits of being a VIP. E-mail me if you have any questions. As a convenience, a Paypal cart has been set-up for an easy payment experience.

On this coming Friday, the general public announcement will be made and the VIP registrations will be up for grabs. 

There will be four top quality lectures featuring-

1- Dr. Esteban Sarmiento PHD

2- Mr. Thom Powell author of The Locals
3- Dr. Russ Jones- BFRO West Virginia curator
    Mr. Mark Maisel- BFRO Ohio curator

4- Waiting for confirmation---will be a "BIG" name guaranteed!!

Other things tentatively planned include-

Friday 4-12-13

Mini Bigfoot
- VIP speaker dinner that early evening at Theo's in Cambridge
 Speaker meet and greet at the hotel that late night

Saturday 4-13-12

- Giant Vendor display area with tons of Bigfoot items to purchase from all overt he country
- Conference begins "on-time" at 2 PM
- Group photo opportunities with all the speakers at the end of the event

Sunday 4-14-13

- Bigfoot festival featuring how to clinics in casting, primate calling, setting camera traps, and much more
- Bigfoot luncheon hosted by the 
United States Bigfoot Research Association
- Novice Bigfoot hike for the entire family

Thank you very much and Happy Holidays to you and your family


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization


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