Thursday, December 27, 2012

Loren Coleman suspects that the "little people" and dwarfs depicted in Mayan carvings and artwork may be representative of the Aluxob people. It's an intriguing theory and certainly makes a good bit of sense, especially (as noted by a commenter) because the Mayan people themselves were of short stature which would make the dwarfs they mention even smaller than we imagine. Shifting from the smallest to the largest humanoid cryptid, Dr. Jeff Meldrum says that "Attributed Sasquatch Behavior Anticipates Great Ape Discoveries", which in layman's terms basically means that some odd behavior noted in Sasquatch encounters has since been confirmed by being noted in great ape behavior. He goes on to give the examples of "eating fish, swimming, nocturnal behavior" which is now accepted as normal great ape behavior. In other words, reinforcing the existence of Bigfoot. In other Bigfoot news, international Sasquatch tracker Adam Davies turns up across the pond here in the US to continueThe Search for Bigfoot in America and also to give his side of the story on the controversial "sleeping bag Sasquatch" photo that had everyone all stirred up a couple of months ago. Meanwhile, a relative newbie to the Bigfoot phenomenon, reporter David Jay Brown attempts to answer the question,Does Bigfoot really exist? He starts at a Bigfoot conference and somehow ends up in the midst of confusing tangle of supernatural explanations, including "daimons". As usual, the search for answers ends only with more questions.

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