Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blink and you missed it. At the crack of dawn on Friday, social media and the interwebs were alive with the sound of churnalism on this remarkable announcement. Melissa Adair sat down with Darren Lee to discuss this groundbreaking occasion. According to this Bigfoot Report, Quantra and MABRC are holding cards close to their chest with privately contracted scientists and secret bases detailed by Ed Smith Saying "Daisy" Has Been Moved To An Examination Area About 12 Miles From The Capture Site At 3:17 Friday Morning. They promised a proper press release in 48 hours... until the announcement of Daisy The Bigfoot Has Been Released. Putting a cherry on top, these squatchers destroyed all records associated with the capture. Why? The Geneva Convention. Seriously, The Geneva Convention? Who knew we were at war with hairy hominids?! Let's sum up this tempest in a teapot on this Breaking News On Captured Bigfoot from ES of The Crypto Crew. Plus we have exclusive footage from one of the Quantra team showing those few moments of Daisy In Captivity.

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