Monday, December 03, 2012

Now that the DNA results are out...sort of...the argument over Melba Ketchum's statements have now moved to another level--whether or not Bigfoot is an ape. Loren Coleman sorts through the debate and adds his thoughts. We agree with Matt Moneymaker on this particular discussion when he reminds us of the most important fact at the center of all of this--proving that Bigfoot exists at all. The fallout still continues over Ketchum's study and Nadia Moore, a scientist at U.C. Davis, remains unimpressed with the entire affair and asks, Has Dr Ketchum Sabotaged her own study with the unprofessional nature of her methods and points out that a genuine study would not have been announced via Facebook and Twitter, nor would it have been rejected several times by peer-reviewed journals. It most definitely would not contain references to "angels, nephilim, or constitutional rights," Moore says. Yet another big name in Bigfoot research, David Paulides, author of Missing 411 gives his opinion of the Ketchum study, along with J.C. Johnson in an Interview with David Paulides and J.C. Johnson with Paracast. J.C. Johnson seems impressed with the results because, he says, the results are corroborated and consistent across many different samples in a double-blind study. He also refers to the longstanding Native American legends of women being kidnapped by "furry people" and returning with possible hybrid children. Meanwhile, in other cryptozoology news (and there was some, believe it or not), Darren Nash is unimpressed with the Science Channel's Alien Mummies (Alien Investigations) in the UK) that investigates the origins of several "monsters," including the infamous Montauk Monster which turned out to be a dead raccoon. Every one of these unidentified monsters have completely reasonable explanations, he states, and none of them involve mad scientist experiments gone horribly wrong: Alien Investigations and the Montauk Monster .

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