Thursday, November 08, 2012

This is beautiful: Baby fawn gets adopted by dog [Video]




 Four Smart Questions for BeardCard, Provo Canyon Bigfoot Videographer




 Stabilized (non-shaky) Version of Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video




 What Does The Provo Canyon Video Really Show? Cryptomundo

Loren Coleman is more than a little skeptical of the Provo Bigfoot footage and this brief video is being relegated to the dusty shelves of Blobsquatch history along with nearly every other photo or video of Bigfoot, besides that extraordinary video of the infamous "Patty". We are starting to think that blurriness is Bigfoot's natural state and Patty must have been a rebel amongst her peers. However, Coleman is a bit more impressed with theNorthern Quebec¹s Inukpajuaq: Giants of the Tundra, a tale that continues to withstand scrutiny and is full of evidence and detailed eyewitness testimony. Perhaps as weary of blobsquatch evidence as we all are, Bigfoot Evidence's Phil Breaks Down "Amazing" Photo From Clinton Township by taking a much closer look. A very, very close look...

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