Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This "Bigfoot" Stick Structure Doesn't Look Very Cozy




 Olympic Project's Derek Randles Named Team Lead In Falcon Project's "Quick Response" Team




 The Mono Lake Bigfoot Footage Bigfoot Evidence

This footage is from 1991 and the family who filmed it says they never noticed this bit until recently. We aren't sure what to make of it--it's only 2 seconds of "Bigfoot" and as usual, Bigfoot is impossibly blurry and difficult to see clearly. The family's story sounds genuine and it's obvious they captured something unusual but whether it's a Bigfoot out for a stroll along the shore or a perfectly normal human wearing a large, furry coat remains to be seen and we'll likely never know for sure. Phantoms and Monsters shares a watery mystery of a different sort with this Cryptid Encounter on Lake Leelanau in Michigan. The creature in question resembled a pit viper, had a ridged back and was about 5 feet long. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern is Musing on a British Monster that was encountered in the late 19th century English countryside, that was dubbed the "Man Monkey" for its near-human appearance. The most likely explanation is an escaped gorilla from a traveling circus but that particular escapee was found dead while the Man Monkey sightings continued. And speaking of "Man Monkeys", Loren Coleman says Misplaced #LOTR Moments: It’s Really Okay To Use #hobbitto describe Homo floresiensis, the recently discovered "little people" because even if we're told not to we're gonna do it anyway.

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